Hertford URC


344th Anniversary year


May 2018



We aim to be an active Christian Church open to all, meeting together for worship, teaching and prayer and offering loving care and support to all.   We work alongside other Christian Churches reaching out into the community with love.




                                      6 Tudor Rise

                               Broxbourne EN10 7HB      Tel: 01992 443218


10.30 am                Family Worship, followed by coffee/tea

                               Communion is usually celebrated on the

                               First Sunday of the month


11.00 am                Thursday there is time of Reflection and Prayer during our "Open House" Coffee Morning

                                       runs from 10.00 - 12.00 noon.



12 Noon - 2.00pm  Monthly lunch on 3rd Thursday for alll - encouraging visitors.


          The Minister’s day-off is Tuesday.   Please contact your Elder for urgent pastoral needs on that day

The diary is at the end of this magazine


Davids head

Dear Friends,


We are very fortunate this month to have the opportunity to hear Revd. Dr John Proctor lead a Bible study on Sunday 13th May.   John is General Secretary of the United Reformed Church, and prior to that appointment he was for many years director of New Testament studies at Westminster College, Cambridge. John is leading morning worship at Winchmore Hill (part of our Local Area Group) and staying for lunch and then leading the Bible study. We are invited to join Winchmore Hill for the Bring-Your-Own-Food-Drinks-Provided lunch and to stay for the study. (For Broxbourne this forms the Faith Lunch and Discussion that would otherwise have taken place on that day).  This is an opportunity not to be missed, so please make it a priority. We can all make our way there (car sharing please!) after our morning service. Winchmore Hill URC is in Compton Road, right next to the railway line (77 Compton Road  N21 3NU for the satnav). They are looking forward to welcoming us.

While the Local Area Group is in our minds I am very happy to say that two ministers have been called to serve at the Enfield churches (Palmers Green, Winchmore Hill and Ponders End is one group of three, and Lancaster Road, Christ Church and Bush Hill Park is the other group of three). Once inducted, this will lighten my workload a bit, which is one reason why I’m happy about it! The other, and more important, reason, for my rejoicing is who it is who have been called: Revd. Melanie Smith and her husband The Revd Mark Meatcher. Many of you will remember that Melanie was attached to us, based mainly at Cheshunt, for part of her training. I am sure it will be a great ministry that Melanie and Mark have in our Local Area Group: they will benefit from the churches and the churches will benefit from them.

I always hope that work to improve someone’s lot will mean that the work no longer needs to be done. This is certainly the basis of the Foodbank: it shouldn’t have to be there, but while there is the need the work will continue. This is also true of a major charity that has May as its particular month for appeals: Christian Aid. This was set up in the 1950s to help refugees following WWII and it has developed into being one of the foremost charities to help people in need across the world. Christian Aid is not aid for Christians; it is aid by Christians for anyone! A great proportion of their work is to make it possible for people to fend for themselves rather than having to rely on handouts. So, as well as providing food and shelter in an emergency, Christian Aid will help someone start a farm, or get better prices for the goods they produce. Need across the world does not seem to diminish, but the focus of need changes as communities are helped and Christian Aid’s efforts can move on to a new place. Hertford recently held a very successful Quiz Night to support the work of Christian Aid: perhaps this is a better way of raising money in this day and age than a street collection. I hope you will be able to give some support to the work of Christian Aid this month.

Every Blessing





Church Anniversary and Gift Day

Sunday 3rd June

Our Speaker is the Rev. James Field, Chair of the Synod Pastoral Committee


Anniversary Lunch –Bring and Share Lunch. Please let us know if you are attending and if you are bringing any guests. There is a list to fill in on the back table and an opportunity to offer a dish to bring.





2018 DATES



1 July,   16 September,  4 November



Sunday 3rd June



14 June, 12 July,  13 September,  11 October,  8 November,  13 December




Coffee Mornings

Church Meeting agreed to hold at least one Charity Coffee Morning this year.  This will be on Saturday 12th May to coincide with the Hertford Art Society’s Annual Selling Exhibition in the Cowbridge Halls from Sunday 6th May to Saturday 19th.  There will only be cakes on sale and the usual tea, coffee and scones and cakes to buy.

Please put this date in your diaries!




Three thoughtful pieces from Jan

1. I've never known a friendly word that's ever gone astray,

For friendly words are funny things - they hang around all day.

They creep inside the saddest heart; they lift a frame of mind,

They change harsh thoughts or feelings into actions far more kind.

They slide inside awareness; they bring balm to heal the soul,

They strength us and nourish us, and help to make us whole.

So never fight the impulse just to pause and say, " Hello!"

 For friendly words work magic - far more magic then we know.

Margaret Ingall

2. " Amazing Grace " is a most uplifting hymn and aptly named too, for God's grace is indeed amazing, but it's also mysterious. How do we begin to describe grace - other then that almost indefinable knowledge that we are loved, accepted and forgiven our mistakes?

Thus you might very much like the thoughts of Anne Lamott who admits,  "I do not at all understand the mystery of grace - only that it meets us where we are, but does not leave us where it found us"

Perhaps that's the secret. " Grace will lead me home" say the words of the hymn. It only needs us to walk forward in trust.

3. When was the last time you changed some aspect of your life? Change is inevitable, though many people fear it. If you are struggling with a situation you are afraid of, ask yourself what exactly is it that you fear. Then face up to it and alter the situation. You'll find that the change was not as daunting as you first thought - it might even be the best thing you ever did!




Hot Potato Lunch

(3rd Thursday every month)

Our first Lunch was held on Thursday 18th January.  Several of the Fellowship also enjoyed jacket potatoes, beans and cheese and we were glad to welcome one visitor. 

The whole point of this lunch is to welcome those who might feel a bit lonely or isolated and encourage them to join with us as a group of welcoming and understanding people.   

We look forward to the number of visitors growing in the near future.  The next lunch is on Thursday 17th May from 12 noon to 2.00 pm in the Church Vestibule, all are welcome.


Phyllis would like to thank the church for her Easter Flowers. A special thank you to Margaret Colville for her Easter Message in a lovely card (echoed by all of us) and also to David for sending her the eggcellent egg!


Christian Aid Week – 13th – 19th May

About Christian Aid

We have more than 70 years’ experience of working in partnership to support communities to thrive. We tackle the root causes of poverty so that women, men and children the world over are strengthened against future knocks. And if disasters happen, we get people the help they want straight away. A prayer for Christian Aid:

Give us, Lord God,
a vision of your Kingdom as your love desires it:
a world where the weak are protected, and none go hungry,
a world where life is shared, and enjoyed by all,
a world where all races, nations and cultures live in tolerance and respect,
a world where peace is built with justice, and justice is guided by love.
Give us the inspiration and courage to build your Kingdom here and now.

Christian Aid Walk: the local Christian Aid Walk will be on Saturday 12th May starting and ending at Wodson Park, Ware.



Street Pastors

Greetings to all Churches in Hertford and Ware,

Good News

Street Pastors will be continuing their work patrolling the streets of Ware and Hertford in the near future.

After ten amazing years, our team of trustees have now closed the business side and stepped down from their roles.  A new team is being formed to reconstitute the group under the auspices of the Hertford Community Church. A management team is being formed and a new license agreement will be signed with Ascension Trust. We envisage the new organisation will recommence patrols in early June of this year. To launch this new adventure there will be a special commissioning service, for both the new and existing Street Pastors, and everyone will be invited to this celebration.

A big thank you to all the churches that have continued to donate money to the work of Street Pastors. When we launch we estimate that we will have 60% of the first years budget in the bank. So far, around £3000 has been promised, but ideally, the money is essential for many purposes, including training for existing and new Street Pastors, insurance, safeguarding, uniforms and consumable items used on patrol.

As experienced Street Pastors, we testify to the essential and rewarding work that we do. Yes, it may be cold, it may be raining and a late evening, but the rewards far outweigh any unfavourable conditions. The conversations we have, and the trust we have built up over time with both partygoers and employers and employees, make it all worthwhile.  So many times, people have come up to us and said, thank you, you saved me, or you saved my friend, my daughter or son. We saved them in a hundred different ways. Therefore, we do what we do and need to continue.

What do we still need?

Although we have a few that have volunteered to train as Street Pastors, we still need more volunteers to run effectively. The more Street Pastors we have, the more weekends we can do. Also, everything we do is through prayer, so we need more Prayer Pastors too.   And of course, we need continued financial support.

A Street Pastor is a carer, not a preacher; we witness our faith by our actions, not by what we say. As Jesus said in the parable of the Good Samaritan, “Go and do likewise.”

We thank you again for your support and prayers

Yours in His service,

Heather Ross, Brett Sutherland and Rick Hartwig 8th April 2018




Coffee Morning



12th May in the Vestibule


Cakes only please.  We will be very grateful for as many             cakes for sale as possible to help raise funds for                                                      "Time4Life"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                



Prayer Request Book


 The Prayer Request Book is always available on the table at the back of the church for any prayers for people and situations you would like to be included in our Prayers of intercession.   Please ask a Steward if you are not sure where it is.






The 2018 Christian Aid Walk will be taking place on Saturday, 12th May. This year's event will cover a similar route to the 2017 Walk and funds will support projects linked to the theme of Christian Aid Week 2018 (13th-20th May). Last year's event raised over £6000 and, with a full field of walkers, we expect to improve on that figure.

Put the date in your diary, enjoy a beautiful walk through nearby Hertfordshire countryside and support a great organisation!

For more details and entry details go to www.christianaidwalk.org.



An update on Sports Ministry/Sweaty Church:


Inter-church Five-a-Side Football Tournament:

Sunday afternoon 8 July 2018 starting at 2:30 pm at Richard Hale All-weather pitches:

Colin Harding and Kevin Carter are organising a tournament between Churches and Christian organisations, and invite entries from churches: you can enter as many teams of different ages and mixes as you like: friends and families can play in a team, it is not limited to signed up church members! Colin and Kevin will match up teams; if there are some walking football teams we can probably also match them up; and the idea is for each team to get as many games against equivalent teams as possible.  To enter your team, or check details, email Colin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text or phone him on 07962 305373. All are welcome to cheer on the teams and applaud the winners of the various trophies, and there will be refreshments available. Flyers to advertise the event will be available in a few weeks’ time.

Jim Thornton  






Hertford Young Life

Charity Fundraiser: Dinner Dance


On 29th June 2018, we are hosting a "Dinner Dance" at Wodson Park as a fundraiser for the work we are doing in Hertford. We are very excited about this opportunity, as it will hopefully provide us with the chance to expand and broaden the great work that we are alreadydoing with young people. 

We would really value your help and support with this. Not only is this going to be a fantastic evening of entertainment and food, but it will also be informative and challenging in the hope that we can inspire others to join us in the mission of growing a generation of young people who love Jesus.

We would love you to join us for this evening, but along with that if you know of others whom you feel would benefit from hearing about Young Life and could potentially benefit us by their support, then we would encourage you to bring them 

The cost of the evening is £45 and will be well worth it. The evening will include a three course meal, lots of information about Hertford Young Life, Music led by Simon Tuck (UCB2 radio DJ), Entertainment from Eddie Farmer (Hoddesdon YL Magician!), a photo booth and much more.

In order to guarantee a place at a table, we would encourage you to pay in advance. This can be done by cheque made payable to, Young Life International or online, our account details are: acc no: 00096508 sort code: 40-52-40. Please use your SURNAME and HDD as reference. Any questions, please contact Andy King or Rhoda Giddings, whose contact details are on the invites.   Thank you for your ongoing support.



Hertford URC ‘s History


As David has mentioned in his opening letter of this edition of the magazine, we look forward to the launch of an historical booklet giving a brief overview of the amazing history of our church from its very beginnings in the seventeenth century.


This will be available on Easter Sunday and to cover the printing costs we hope a donation of £2.00 could be made for each copy.  You will find it fascinating and inspiring to know how our church roots have been established not only by the leadership of ministers but by so many church members that have gone before us.


The Oldest Bible comes back to the UK


The world’s oldest surviving complete Latin Bible returns to the UK this autumn. It left these shores for Rome 1302 years ago, when monks in the northeast of England sent it as a gift to Pope Gregory II.

The Codex Amiatinus was one of only three produced at the twin monasteries of Wearmouth and Jarrow. (One has since got lost, and the other survives in fragments.) It was kept safe for centuries at the Abbey of the Saviour in Monte Amiata, in Tuscany. Then in the 18th century it was sent to the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, in Florence.
It is the Laurenziana which has now agreed to send it back to the UK, alongside the Lindisfarne Gospels, for its exhibition ‘Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms’, which begins in October.

The Bible is 12 inches thick, and weighs 35kg. It contains both Old and New Testaments, and was written on 1030 leaves made from the skins of at least 515 sheep. It has been called one
of the greatest treasures of Anglo-Saxon times.





Jeans instead of vestments?

Have you noticed any local clergy dressing more informally in recent months? If so, there is a good reason for it: C of E clergy were given the go-ahead last year to choose whether or not to disregard their robes, and dress down for services, after a vote by General Synod.

That means that if the vicar wants to wear jeans when leading a service, the Church of England will no longer object. It is believed by some that such a change can help the Church by ‘reflecting the way society has gone in the way of informality’, according to one vicar.


Is ‘religious karaoke’ growing in popularity?

It seems that churches across the country are increasingly ditching their hymnbooks, in favour of using big screens to project the words. Some churches have spent up to £50,000 on audio-visual systems including projector screens and LCD TVs for their flock. Many churches reckon that it is cheaper to subscribe to a licensing service which allows them to project the words to hymns and worship songs, rather than buying books.  

Christian Copyright Licensing International currently sells churches licenses, which allows them to reproduce hymns and worship songs. It currently covers about 24,500 sites in the UK. The most recent figures suggest that in 2013, there were 50,660 churches in the UK.




China opens its arms to the Bible – with 30 years help from Bible Society

Just over 40 years ago, the Bible was a banned book in China. But today, in this largely atheist country, the Bible is a best seller. In China today, you will find churches so full that their congregants spill out on the pavement. Those in rural areas often walk for hours just to attend a service, while more and more city-dwellers can be found in churches – both underground and state-run – on a Sunday morning.

What’s more, copies of the Bible – once a banned book in China – are now within reach through local churches and specially-licensed bookshops. And those Bibles are desperately needed. As one Chinese Christian explains: 'The fire of revival has been burning in China for 30 years. But if we want it to keep burning, we need to feed it with God’s word.'

It’s a remarkable story. And over the last 30 years, the Bible Society has been at the heart of it. Over decades, through working with the registered Church, they have carved out a unique ministry in China. For it was back in 1987, in response to requests from Chinese church leaders, that Bible Society helped to establish the Amity Printing Company. In 2008, it moved to a larger, upgraded facility, the size of 12 football pitches and with the capacity to print 20 million Bibles a year. It’s now the world’s biggest Bible printing factory!

Bible Society is still hard at work, printing and distributing Bibles across the country, helping to strengthen the roots of the Chinese Church, and to help new believers grow into mature followers of Jesus.

Here are just some of the numbers that describe the Bible Society’s work in China:
68 million Chinese Bibles printed from its press since 1987.
55,000 local churches with whom it is connected.
77 distribution centres from which it bases itself.
48 Bible vans taking Bibles wherever they need to go



Used Stamps

 Shirley Sloan is still collecting used stamps in the plastic container on the church desk in the Vestibule. Shirley now takes them to the Isobel Hospice Shop that will take all used stamps.






MAY 2018



MAY 2018




10.00 am

Open House in Vestibule with time for

Reflection and prayer at 11.00



10.30 am

Morning Service led by Rev. David Bradburn with Holy Communion

Thurs 10

10.00 am

4.00 pm

Open House in Vestibule with time for reflection and prayer at 11.00 am

Elders in Church Vestry

Sat 12

All day

10.00 –

12 noon

Enclosed Christian Aid Walk at

Church Coffee Morning with Cake Stall proceeds to Time4Life



10.30 am

Lunch time

Morning Worship – led by Geoffrey Williams – Hertford Baptist Church

Bring and Share Lunch at Winchmore Hill URC followed by a Bible Study led by Revd. Dr. John Proctor, General Secretary of the URC



10.00 am

12 – 2.00

Open House in Vestibule with time of reflection and prayer at 11.00

Hot Potato Lunch



10.30 am

Morning Worship led by Margaret Colville



10.00 am

Open House in Vestibule with time of reflection and prayer at 11.00



10.30 am

Morning Worship led by Charlie Bancroft with members of Hertford Town Church

Thurs 31

10.00 am

Open House in Vestibule with time of reflection and prayer at 11.00 am




Hertford & District Foodbank is open every weekday from

4.00 pm to 5.00 pm.  For queries please contact 07851 708470 or Cheryl or Fran